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Flaming Good Pud

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Flaming Good Pud
Flaming Good Pud

This ad for a Christmas Pudding appeared in the distance and I automatically logged it as M&S. And as I got nearer it wasn't just the image but the font that convinced me. However - aside from needing my eyes tested - it soon became apparent, it was of course Tesco's Finest. 'Every Little Helps' of course and sometimes that's just the font.

Although I don't think that the exact font is identifiable from the photo, I do love how words or image can change your perception of a brand. This ad obviously uses the font associated with that particular range. However it isn't generally associated with Tesco. It feels much more upmarket. It feels more M&S. And of course that's exactly the intention. With this advert, Tesco are competing for the purse and perception of a particular audience. Had they wanted to target the other end of the market, they could have taken a similar picture of another Christmas pudding from another range within their store, and used another font entirely.

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