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Ever since video became the future of content marketing, it wasn't going to be long before Facebook created a way for its users to get in on the act. Facebook Live is "A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way". The timing couldn't be better either, with Twitter closing Vine - its popular video sharing service - just last month.

Facebook Live is about sharing what's in front of you with those who can't be with you - as it happens. Maybe it's Skype-meets-Crowdsourced News? We've all seen the images of iPhones held high at a significant event. Now they can be captured in video and broadcast live via Facebook's global reach. Obviously this could raise issues of privacy and ownership. However Periscope has been livestreaming for over 18 months with no significant problems. 

This means that, for businesses large or small Facebook Live can be added to the toolbox of content marketing; another method of engaging with a wider digitally-engaged audience. 

And in case we still don't understand how it works, Facebook have released these 'educational' posters across London. This seems ironic considering its digital subject and audience. However, I like that it has resorted to writing posters. I suppose that's what disruptive advertising has come to when a global online social media brand has to advertise and inform - even on the side of a bus 

Wherever you're reading this though, don't just stand there: get live-streaming!